About Me

Linda Raha is a Christian writer who has kept a journal for a great many years. The journal entries are a mix of poems, reflections, and anecdotes on any number of topics. The journal writing inspired Linda to begin work on a novel set in Hatteras, North Carolina. She would love for you to read an article she wrote for a travel contest. The journey of writing a novel is for some, a few short months. For others, it may take much longer than that. The important thing is to keep going!

Reflections from an Open Window is a view from Linda’s corner of the world, an on-going journal. It is a collection of remembered moments as they pass by; a vignette about the first snow, a sudden summer rain storm, a porch swing swaying beneath a harvest moon. Life is precious and time passes quickly. We cannot stop the passage of time, but with a journal we try to capture the essence of what we find meaningful. Oddly, it is sometimes in the midst of the most ‘ordinary’ of circumstances that we find extraordinary truths. This is the blessing of keeping a journal. We learn something every day.