Room to Grow

We all need room to grow, space where we can be ourselves, and find our way. Our lives are in a continuous flux of change from the cradle to the grave, and then beyond into eternity. It is no wonder we often suffer 'growing pains', because we must always make allowances and adjustments for something

Sixty Wishes

What if I were granted sixty wishes, one for every year since I was born? The sun is up; the sky is blue; my feet are free to dance. How could I ever ask for more? God hands us a paint brush, and we paint our lives away, splatters on our pants, but a new

The Little Things Count

We often dismiss the little things in life, but oddly, it is the little things that define our days. It is all the choices we make day in and day out that tell the story of our lives. When we choose the smallest of things that make us happy, it has a ripple effect. The

Best Friends

A walk in the neighborhood may seem like an ordinary thing;  however, to a dog, a walk is an extraordinary affair, an occasion for bliss.  We can learn so much from our pets. They teach us to live in the moment and celebrate life as it is happening. I was not in the mood for

Starting Over

Sometimes, we have to begin again and look at a situation from a totally different perspective;  we may need to start on a fresh page, because a new outlook changes the picture we see. I bought an artificial Christmas tree and we assembled it on the front porch to get a good look at it.

Cabin Music

Sometimes, when we least expect it, God grants us a blessing so profound, it changes our lives. I received such a blessing when I met a dear friend, who shared with me her gift of music. I came to Dianne's cabin in the woods because she was my son's piano teacher. She thought I should

Changing Seasons

Once again, the seasons are changing;  these autumnal days remind us that we are changing too, each and every day. The trees are about to put on their biggest pageant of the year, changing from summer's garb to fall's most exquisite wardrobe. There will be luminous gold leaves to don the trees, magnificent burgundies, the