Time Enough

We often feel that time is slipping through our fingers. We wonder: is there time enough to do all the things we want to do in life? As I write this, it late in the afternoon. The quiet of the day has come. The sun is brilliant at this moment and absolutely lovely, but, very

The Dance

It seems in life that we take three steps forward, and three steps back; sometimes, we wonder if we are making any progress at all! All those steps add up and help us find our way. What matters most, is that we keep taking the next step, even if we feel a little unsteady. Every

Almost Spring

It is not yet spring, and yet the daffodils have started blooming in Virginia; we could still have snow, but the earth has yielded a bounty of yellow jewels, heralding spring. There was a deep frost last night. I gathered a handful of daffodils in the early evening. They are a hardy bunch, but always,

An Open Canvas

Sometimes, when life is other than blue skies without a cloud in sight, we forget that we have choices; even in those seemingly cheerless times, our life is still an open canvas. Days come when all we see is a blank slate, and the palette we choose next is white, black, and grey. We settle

Adventures in Living

This past December, my husband, myself, and my youngest son traveled to St. Augustine, Florida, for a wedding; the wedding was lovely; however, beyond the wedding, there were lessons to be learned. Isn't it strange, the surprise encounters we find on our life journey? Sometimes, just an ordinary experience opens our eyes, and we see

Room to Grow

We all need room to grow, space where we can be ourselves, and find our way. Our lives are in a continuous flux of change from the cradle to the grave, and then beyond into eternity. It is no wonder we often suffer 'growing pains', because we must always make allowances and adjustments for something

Sixty Wishes

What if I were granted sixty wishes, one for every year since I was born? The sun is up; the sky is blue; my feet are free to dance. How could I ever ask for more? God hands us a paint brush, and we paint our lives away, splatters on our pants, but a new